3rd February 2016

At Epicurus, we take great pride not only in our work, but in our surroundings. We hail from a region built on industry and hard graft, once at the forefront of coal mining, shipbuilding and glassworks. It’s a land of heritage, defined by its people as much as its former trades or its iconic monuments.

That’s why we endeavour to prepare our cuisine using local produce, supplied by the region’s best farmers, butchers, fishmongers, cheesemakers. This dedication to locally sourced ingredients can be found across our menus, but is particularly prevalent in our unique Taste of the North East canapé range, which combines our trademark style of cuisine with the very best of what our region has to offer.

Succulent Northumbrian lamb can be found in our honey and rosemary cocktail sausages, or presented as a fillet alongside creamy mash, made from Carroll’s heritage potatoes. The rare fillet of beef, housed within a Yorkshire pudding and served with bearnaise sauce, also comes from the region, as does the bacon in the stunning scrambled eggs – served in style within an oversized egg shell – and the pork for our fennel and spiced red onion meatballs.


Epicurus Towers is just minutes away from the North Sea coast, allowing us to source only the freshest of fish for our seafood canapés. The crab within our brie filo baskets, beignets and crab cakes is all caught off the coast of North Shields, as it the delicious lobster, served with creamy mash and herb butter or prepared as frothed ‘shots’. The salmon in our salmon balls with wasabi and sesame seeds also comes from the Shields quayside, as does the Cullercoats Ale tempura-battered fish in our iconic scaled-down version of fish and chips, served within a cone for the authentic seaside experience.


The same applies to the produce used in our vegetarian canapés. The cheeses in our cheese and spring onion beignets, sweet potato cakes, jacket potatoes and mini quiches are all produced by two of the finest fromagers in the North East, the Northumberland Cheese Company and Doddington Dairy. Likewise, the fruit and vegetables used – for instance, in the mushroom and cognac vol-au-vents, or the beetroot soup shots – are also sourced from the area.


We finish with our selection of sweet canapés. Chocolate lovers face the unenviable choice of ganache fingers, brownie pieces or truffle pies. We can also serve vanilla panacotta, a refreshing raspberry and limoncello trifle, or the classic tiramisu, all served in glasses.

Our Taste of the North East canapés start at just £6.50 per person (based on five canapés per person, with five different types of canapés available), and are perfect for working lunches, drinks parties or full-fledged events. The full menu can be found here. Get in touch with us today to bring the taste of home to your occasion.