16th March 2016

Choosing the perfect dishes for your perfect day is an important task for brides and grooms-to-be across the country. We have scores of happy couples seeking assistance when it comes to selecting the ideal menu for their wedding breakfasts. Our advice? Try before you buy at one of our bespoke tasting sessions.

Each and every couple we work with has their own tastes and preferences, and being discerning about food is no bad thing – particularly when sampling dishes for the most special of occasions. To help you make the perfect choice, Epicurus can arrange tastings for you and your partner, serving up three of our signature starters, mains and desserts in our own on-site dining room.


These sessions are usually held on weeknight evenings or throughout the weekday, as we are often off-site at weekends. For £100 (incl. VAT), we work with you to whittle down your options and fine tune each dish to your personal tastes. We strive to take on board any feedback and comments, making sure that the plates you eventually choose to serve are precisely to your liking.

We understand that menu selection can be daunting, particularly when catering to dozens – if not hundreds – of wedding guests. Sampling a selection of dishes alleviates some of that tension, allowing you to look forward to the wedding breakfast, rather than stressing about its quality and suitability in the weeks building up to the big day. Our sessions afford you the opportunity to get a real taste for your wedding.  

To arrange a tasting session or to find out more about our bespoke menus, get in touch with us here.